How We Work



Starting with a automated text that requires a pin for verification.



Following up with a call from our team to ensure all is well.



Notifying the needed parties to get a response team out.

Community Improvement & Safety

A Leader In Community Safety

To have the best effect with our mission, keeping individuals and communities safe, we've established critical targets in order to do so. These targets provide us with the ability to reach the mass majority of individuals in communities across the US.

  • Fighting For Student Safety.
  • Connecting With Apps To Keep Users Protected.
  • Building Relationships With Universities For Student Security.
  • Granting Employers With Additional Benefits.
  • Assisting Individuals With Taking Medications.

500 +

Total Organizations

10000 +

Combined Users

98 %

Verified Check Ins

What We Offer


Providing customers with an easy to use platform.


Partnering with apps to provide services to users.


Utilization of AI to continue protecting communities.

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